About the Critics on the photo of Neymar’s sister

Neymar’s sister ended up receiving a barrage of criticism on social networks because of the difference between a photo posted on her Instagram account and another photo released during the parade of the Samba Schools.

The problem is not Neymar’s sister posting a beautiful photo on his social network Instagram, that’s really cool and who doesn’t post it, right?

What made people criticize was the possible over-editing of the photo posted on the app.

I always comment on my friends’ photos that they exaggerate with filters and edits in Photoshop or similar programs that it’s even nice to improve the photos, adjust the light a little, accentuate the colors, etc., but use an exorbitant amount of filters and effects transform them into other people.

When the number of edits is too large, it becomes very noticeable and the real person ends up becoming unrecognizable.

So, here’s the tip: You can use filters and adjustments in the photos, but editing aggressively ends up ruining the image.

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